Is There Going To Be A ‘Next’ Bitcoin?

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We all regret not taking Bitcoin seriously in the beginning. We would all have been millionaires today if we had bothered to mine Bitcoin when it was easy to do so. People who were there then made millions of dollars when the value of Bitcoin shot up. If you bought $1 worth of Bitcoin at the start, you could’ve eventually ended up with $87,600! You could get Bitcoins for cents back then, and now you can’t buy one for hundreds of dollars.

Sadly, we cannot invent a time machine and go back ten years to make the right investments, no matter how much we might want to. This has led to people betting on the next Bitcoin. Everyone is waiting for the next cryptocurrency that blows up, and are trying to get new currencies going to increase the chances of this happening.

Celebrities are releasing cryptocurrencies as well, and big time investors are getting in the game. Everyone who missed out on Bitcoin wants to replicate its success and get rich with it. Is that ever going to happen?

Bitcoin was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Here’s the thing – Bitcoin was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and while we can hope for its performance to be replicated in the future, we cannot really depend on it if we want to be wise investors. It grew so fast because it was the only such thing in the market. It was the new gold, the original gold rush. Sure, gold rushes in the future will yield good returns for investors, but not like the first time. The mere fact that there are so many cryptocurrencies vying for favor out there, while Bitcoin made its mark when it was alone in the market means that we aren’t going to get the same returns again.

However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot be a wise investor and make a lot of money. Other cryptocurrencies show promise, and while they may not grow your money eighty thousand times like Bitcoin did, they will give you a nice and reasonable amount of profit.

Blockchain is the future

If you are a high risk, high reward type of player, then we recommend looking at things like Ethereum. Ethereum, in case you weren’t aware, is an infrastructure based on the blockchain. It applies the technology behind Bitcoin to do greater things.  The blockchain is the future; it is the most secure way of data storage that has been invented until now. We are most definitely going to see a billion dollar unicorn emerge from the many companies that are testing out blockchain solutions.

You may not get the opportunity to invest in another Bitcoin, but you may get the opportunity to invest in the next Apple/Google/Microsoft in the early stages if you keep a close eye on Blockchain companies. That way is the way of the future. While we don’t know which horse will win, we can be sure that the one that wins will win it all.

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