Analyze Cryptocurrencies With These Top Visualization Websites

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Bitcoin is the godfather of cryptocurrencies – the first of its kind and many digital currencies available today are derived from it, which are known as altcoins. Since it hit the online market back in 2009, its value has meteorically risen over the past decade – it started from a few dollars, but now a single Bitcoin is valued more at than a whopping $4000. It has quickly gained ground and attracted attention of many big shot investors who are now rolling in the dough because of their decision to invest in this digital currency at the time when it didn’t cost a lot of money.

With the need to effectively assess and understand Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies, there are several cryptocurrency visualization websites that have been running on the internet. These websites allow users to analyze the trends and gain information about the current status of different digital currencies, in an interactive way. This makes it easy for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to study the market and trends, and make predictions with the help of amazing visualizations, making the entire user experience more interesting.

Here are some of the best cryptocurrency visualization websites that you should know about that provides accurate information about digital currencies in an engaging way:

Map of Coins

Map of Coins is designed to provide cryptocurrency enthusiasts and analysts with extensive historical data in a unique way. You can choose from a long list of Bitcoin, altcoins, and others, and get data in a branch-like form that makes it easy to understand. You can get information about every altcoin copied or not copied from Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, and get a map detailing all the information you need from the date it first hit the market.

The Real-Time Bitcoin Globe

Just like its name, the cryptocurrency visualization website features a real-time globe that shows all the Bitcoin transactions taking place right at the moment, as well as the blocks representing blockchain throughout the world. The globe is the 3D replica of Earth and is constantly spinning, marking locations as transactions take place in different regions, like China, United States, Europe, Australia, North and South Korea, United Kingdom, and others. You can zoom in on a particular location, and get data of the mining pool, providing information about the most recent bitcoin transaction or mining activity.

If you want quick information or summary of a particular cryptocurrency or its position in the market, then is the best cryptocurrency visualization website for you. It not only provides quick insights into a variety of cryptocurrencies, but also showcases the relationship among them in terms of their market capitalization, trade volumes, and current value. You will see square and rectangles in different shapes and colors, each indicating a set range of volume and market capitalization. Once you get familiar with the website’s technical details, it becomes extremely easy to understand the market trends and values.

Several other platforms that are worth mentioning include Bitbonkers, Bitlisten, and Bitnodes Network Map. Cryptocurrency visualization websites are a great way to get information in a unique and enticing way. Visit one of these websites to see what’s happening in the cryptocurrency world.


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