Blockchain Technologies and the Future

Blockchain is the underlying technology and code for digital currencies. Although most people just associate cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin, there are numerous others such as Ethereum, Monero, Dash and Ripple.

The year 2017 has been a very good year for digital currencies. At the start of the year Bitcoin was trading around $1000 each. Fast forward to the fourth quarter of the year and Bitcoin is being exchanged at $4393.16 in the open market. This drastic increase in value has got people talking and heads turning. Celebrities and influential personalities are investing highly in these cryptocurrencies which is promoting it at an unprecedented rate.

What does this mean for the younger generation of leaders and entrepreneurs? People in the finance world are calling these the technology of the future. So what you should really be asking is how to teach future programmers, artists and inventors the mechanics behind digital currencies. Currently no university is offering a specialization in Blockchain technology but it is just about time that they would start. There is a huge demand for miners, consultants, Blockchain engineers and programmers in the job market right now. Here are 5 universities in the United States that offer courses regarding Blockchain:

1. New York University (NYU)

NYU is ranked 46th by the QS World University Rankings and currently offers 2 courses on understanding the implications of Bitcoin and Blockchain. These courses are meant to form a strong foundation of legal issues related to cryptocurrencies as well as future applications.

2. Duke University

Duke University was ranked 24th by the QS World University Rankings and 39th in the world for being preferred for employment after graduation. It offers one course called “Innovation, Disruption and Cryptoventures” which answers important questions pertaining to digital currencies and future possibilities.

3. Princeton University

The course is taught by Arvind Narayanan online at Coursera. The online certification provides knowledge of the Bitcoin platform, mining, advantages and regulations in the United States.

4. Stanford University

Courses offered by these Ivy League colleges really show the demand for this kind of learning. Employers seek graduates from Stanford and Yale for their remarkable ability to create and be future leaders.

5. University of California Berkeley

This public university is renowned for its research facilities. Courses regarding cryptocurrencies are offered in the undergraduate degree program. This is further supported by student run organizations and workshops to get a more hands on experience.

If you are about to go to college and do not want to stick to the mainstream degree programs, cryptocurrencies deserves a strong consideration. Even if you have already graduated and are currently working, knowledge of digital currencies can pave the way to your next promotion. Growth rates in the sector are literally unprecedented because nothing like this has ever happened before. A few years down the road, Blockchain will be regarded as a useful skill to have in the field of coding, programming, website and product development, quality assurance, cyber security as well as finance.

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