Blockchain Used in Online Multiplayer Games

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There is good news for all online and professional gamers who make a living from playing video games. Once you start doing something professionally, it is often not just fun and games. International competitions create opportunity for players to go to other countries and compete with the best of the best players of the world. This allows exploration of other cultures and people coming together to do what they love. If you love what you do for a living, you should consider yourself very lucky.

Online multiplayer games require learning the gameplay and the rules of each new world and character. Studies have shown that competitive gaming requires fast-thinking and quick responses to achieve greatness. Gamers practice for thousands of hours to get really good at any particular game. However, except for the top 100 players of any given game, all the rest are dreamers who aspire to reach that level of fame and expertise. Many people sell collectibles found or created in the game for real money, dollars and cents that can be used to buy real stuff. That is where cryptocurrencies have come in!

Initially what started as a secret currency on the dark web to buy illegal stuff without being traced or getting caught, Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are becoming more common by the minute. Everyone has heard about the Bitcoin spikes and falls on the news but there are many other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Litecoin and Ripple. All crypto currencies use the same technology called Blockchain. It allows you to create a wallet, which is like an account, and put digital currencies in that wallet. These can be used to make purchases online and in games. Many freelancing websites also allow payments in digital currencies. Blockchain is a network of codes that keeps track of all transactions ever made in that particular ledger. They have huge amounts of data being built on top of each other.

Although many people mine cryptocurrencies, mining has become increasingly difficult since more people are doing it. It takes longer to mine Dash coins now and mining Bitcoins is almost out of the question. But all is not lost. Gamers can trade or sell valuable items from the games in exchange for digital currencies. The complex algorithms used behind the platform actually keeps track of all transaction ever made. The reason why it is such a revolutionary idea is because it will prevent fraud. Often times it used to happen that items were transferred to other players for cash but the sellers never received any actual money. With the invention of cryptocurrencies, fraud is next to impossible.

It is not just something to celebrate for gamers but also developers and artists. Computer science graduates and graphic designers introduce new features, characters and items in the game every day. This makes the gameplay even more exciting. It also creates more opportunities for in app purchases and trading to take place. The acceptance of Bitcoin by huge gaming franchises like DOTA and World of Warcraft further ensures that digital currencies are here to stay.


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