Blockchains can Revolutionize Elections all Over the World

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Blockchains, rightfully, are getting a lot of attention all over the world. We have heard a lot about data security systems over the past few decades. We have also heard a lot about these hyped security systems being cracked over the past few decades. Blockchain is one of the first such technologies that is actually worth the hype. Its ‘shared ledger’ nature means that it truly is the first data storage system that is impossible to mess with. Even if you can change the data that you have, you will not be able to change the data that others have if it is distributed widely enough.

Blockchains for the world – not just for Europe and America

Most of the companies that are creating blockchain based solutions are based in the US or Europe. This isn’t surprising – most tech companies are in the US. It is the technological headquarter of the world. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple – pretty much all successful tech companies are from America. The problem, however, is that the innovations happening in the industry are happening for these markets as well. Entrepreneurs are looking for solutions to American and European problems. This is a form of myopia which is limiting the entrepreneurial potential of blockchain innovators. If you really want to change the world through blockchain, you need to look everywhere except for these places.

Corruption is a much bigger problem elsewhere

In America and most of Europe corruption allegations in elections are conspiracy theories. There haven’t been any major scandals based on fake votes in these places, because these are well functioning democracies. Things are very different elsewhere. Corruption isn’t just everywhere – it is openly present in places. A simple search online will show you hundreds of videos of fake votes being cast in African, Asian, and many other countries. The ruling party gets to choose the winner of the election and they are often corrupt. The good politicians (good, honest politicians exist in all of these countries) have the power of the people behind them, but they just cannot win elections because the corrupt establishment doesn’t want them to. Voting results are changed, votes for revolutionary parties are discarded, and fake votes are cast for the ruling party.

All of this can change, thanks to blockchain. Imagine the amount of difference blockchain can make in this situation. You just need a blockchain based vote counting mechanism. Then you simply need to share the ledger between all of the voting places, and then also allow independent parties to host the ledger.

You will instantly have a voting system, which isn’t just hard to manipulate, but impossible to manipulate. No one will be able to change the votes once they are cast. We will have true democracies springing up in these countries – in some places for the first time ever. Imagine how much of a change that would make – it could improve the lives of billions of people!

The problem is, well, that the election rules are decided by the ruling party as well, and no existing government will install a blockchain based voting system, because then it wouldn’t be able to rig the elections in its own favor.

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