WikiLeaks Founder Assange Thanks US Government for 50,000% Return on Bitcoin Investment

money return on bitcoin cryptocurrency

WikiLeaks founder has made claims that his organization has made an incredible return of roughly 50,000% on investments into Bitcoin after they made investments into the digital currency back in 2010, and it is all thanks to the US government.

Assange posted an image on his Twitter account showing the price of Bitcoin on July 18, 2010 and then on October 14, 2017 as shown by CoinDesk. The price of a single Bitcoin in July 2010 was $0.06 USD and jumping forward to October 14th, 2017, the price of a single Bitcoin has crossed the $5,814 USD mark. In roughly 6 years, the cryptocurrency has seen an increase in value by 9,689,900 %. Let that sink in.

Assange claimed that the return on investment for WikiLeaks was 50,000% so that means we can assume that investments were made over the period of six years.

Why Thank the US Government?

Assange is thankful to the US government because they managed to carry out an illegal banking blockade against WikiLeaks. They forced major credit card companies like Visa and MasterCard to block any payment transactions being made to Assange’s organization.

In the year 2010, MasterCard was the first to fold under pressure from the US government and it blocked all its products that were being used by people to pay WikiLeaks. Soon after, the likes of PayPal and Visa followed, making restrictions on any accounts used by the WikiLeaks organization.

All of this caused a bit of a stir in Assange’s organization. They sought to invest into a budding Bitcoin currency, which was trading at a measly $0.06 USD, and was completely under the radar as far as the global financial market is concerned.

Assange and his organization recognized that Bitcoin was something that was a risky investment. It had always been volatile from the beginning. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks had no other option than to accept payments in Bitcoin. It turned out to be a lot more than they would have hoped for and way more than the US government could have bargained for. The fact that payments made using Bitcoin retained more anonymity than any other method of payment made it much more easy for the organization’s benefactors to help it survive and thrive.

WikiWhat? Assange Who?

Unless you have been living under some rock for the past few years in your life, the reason why the US government is so determined to take Assange down is because WikiLeaks has managed to get a hold of classified government documents. They have been successfully publishing the deepest, darkest secrets of governments all around the world and that obviously makes Assange a national threat.

Assange has been on the run from the US government and allied authorities for a while now. He was granted asylum by the Ecuadorian Embassy in the United Kingdom in 2012, and has been living there since.

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