WOB, Ethereum, and The e-Sports (Gaming) Market

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E-sports is a market that’s growing fast, and many of the world’s leading e-Commerce firms like Amazon, Alibaba and even Tencent have started to enter into it. It has even come under the radar of big investors of the likes of Warren Buffet. With the capacity to grow to $2billion, the only obstacle that was preventing block-chain based systems to become amalgamated into this industry was time. WOB or World of battles has decided to take up around half of the share of this market in the coming years. WOB is a streaming platform that is based on the cryptocurrency, Ethereum.

Who are They Teaming up With?

E-Sports and block-chains have such a firmly fitting connection that it almost feels like second nature. Many people wonder why this connection wasn’t there before this. WOB is the realization of this connection. Their development team has the right kind of experience to take them forward. They’ve worked on OpenVZ, FreeBSD, GNOME. They’re teaming up with Twitch, the popular streaming company and Civic, another big contender.

IeSF and WESA — currently the world’s biggest international eSports Federations for the coming eSports Championships – will also be on their team. These championships will feature high ranking eSports teams. They’ve also let slip that they’ll be one of the main partners of the Asian Games that’ll be held in 2022.

What’s Their Offer?

A finished product was developed by the WOB team in 18 months from scratch. That’s why Makoto Takahashi says that he doesn’t consider other similar platforms as competition. It’s easy to see why he thinks so. The WOB project’s total investments already stand at $3.7 million, their initial testing has already been completed this year with a total of nearly 0.5 million users registered to their platform. The estimated yearly revenue they expect to rake in is nearly $85 million, and that’s just from tournament hosting and ads.

Distributed ledger technology has greatly and seamlessly been implemented by the platform and is potentially game changing. The advantages of having block chain implemented are great for the platform. Some of them are that they will bring great value by reducing or completely eliminating downtime, there’s no need for third party financial institutions to be involved and there’s distributed power over the results.

Even hacking and fraud will be reduced tremendously. This means that many of the problems that existing streaming platforms have, can be eliminated easily using block-chain. WOB is fully automated, not to mention a paradise for gamers, amateur and professional alike. Currently, WOB offers League of Legends, Dota 2 and CounterStrike: GO and two others on its platform with plans of expansion into other games. It places power in the hands of users.

This is it

With 3 items checked off its list, investment testing and registrations, WOB is all set for its ICO, which is sure to turn a few heads their way. Their ICO is already underway and will last for another month. Their WOB token is soaring against the ETH.

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