Bitcoin Related Jobs Face Significant Growth in the Third Quarter!

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The popularity of first ever cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has already taken over many sectors in the past few years. From universities’ bitcoin projects to worldwide bitcoin trading, the cryptocurrency is experiencing an increase in demand and reaching new highs among all other currencies prevailing in the digital currency market.

Recently, the same surge is also observed in the employment sector worldwide. The jobs which are related to bitcoin are growing at a much faster pace than we could think of.

Moreover, the rising numbers are not limited to the listed number of jobs, but many freelancers are opting for jobs in the bitcoin category as well.

Speaking of jobs, in the international freelancer employment market, the category of bitcoin-related jobs is one of the fastest-growing sections. Indeed, there has been almost 82% increase in the third quarter.

The jobs related to Bitcoin & cryptocurrency are skyrocketing

According to statistics, on almost all popular freelancing platforms, there is a growing trend of online jobs in this field.

According to the CEO of Freelancer, Matt Barrie, people are now hiring freelancers in order to develop new types of digital currencies. Hence, companies are now looking for people who have good skills in managing an ICO – initial coin offering, especially when a new token is actually presented to outside speculators to be sold in a bid, in order to raise money.

He further added that employers are searching for individuals to establish a new digital currency and also to draft proposal plans blockchain technology – the structure of data pioneered by bitcoin.

The field of cryptography

After cryptocurrency, we are now observing a new field called cryptography. This related field is now holding a number of vacancies which have risen up to 59% in count  in just the current third quarter.

The increasing number of listed jobs is no surprise, considering the rising popularity and surging prices of bitcoin in just last month. The prices and popularity of everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency have undergone several ups and down in the past year but indeed, the cryptocurrency is currently set a new high record by reaching a price of $6250 in the current month.

Following the growing trend, Freelancer was reported to list almost 500,000 new jobs in this particular quarter. The company already has 25 million users and almost 12 million jobs listed till today.

Hence, with the growing demand of cryptocurrency worldwide, the official legalization of the digital currency in many countries and its acceptance in the Southeast Asian countries, the increase in jobs related to cryptocurrency is no surprise.

Nonetheless, all of this is creating more space for new job fields. Also, the top areas of expertise, which are now in demand include 3D design, Adobe InDesign, HTML5 web language, creative design, and expertise in WooCommerce.

Despite the company’s report showing a correlation between the bitcoin-related jobs and bitcoin’s meteoric rise, there are many jobs which are not solely related to bitcoin. The only common factor among these jobs is that all of these are posted in the Bitcoin section of the site.

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