Universities Have Started to Offer Blockchain Courses

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You may have heard about MIT giving diplomas to its students using blockchain to make them custodians of their own education. Well, it is also one of the universities that is offering its own course in blockchain. This is no surprise, seeing that it houses the current maintainer of the Bitcoin protocol. What is surprising, however, is that many other universities and academic institutions have started to offer blockchain courses of their own. Alright, this shouldn’t also be a surprise, but it is. Why shouldn’t it be?

Blockchain Came, Blockchain Saw, Blockchain is About to Conquer in the Near Future

Blockchain technology is one of the few industries that is growing fast and rapidly expanding, other than the derivatives sector which has grown to around $1200 billion (a quadrillion dollars). The blockchain industry aims to streamline all other industries in the world like energy, finance, gaming and even music, making them more efficient. One of the main ways that it is capable of doing that, is through dramatically reducing costs involved in these industries through its innovative distributed ledger technology that eliminates the middleman.

Keeping this in mind, companies will pay big bucks to whoever is qualified and trained professionally in blockchain technology. As blockchain increases in popularity and demand, students seeking to gain top notch career opportunities in blockchain are looking for specialized courses to teach them the same. Hence the need for blockchain courses.

Which Universities are Offering Blockchain Courses

There are some universities that are going to fill the gap of demand and supply of blockchain professionals. They’re offering blockchain courses at this time to facilitate future needs.

1. Princeton

It is one of the most prestigious names when it comes to Universities in the US. The name of the blockchain related course that it is offering is called Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies. The Best thing about this course is that it is available online and answers the most pressing questions about bitcoins. It also covers the uses and implementations of blockchain technology in the future.

But getting into Princeton means that your CV and prerequisites have to be in perfect order before you consider applying. B9 Lab Academy (UK)

2. Cambridge University

Cambridge (UK) is home to the best university when it comes to the quality of education provided. It’s known for the world renowned and critically acclaimed Ordinary and Advanced level examinations, accepted worldwide. It has some great opportunities for employment on campus and it opens the doors for quite some opportunities for future employment elsewhere. It is also starting a blockchain course that will have a focus on the economic impacts of the technology. Future regulators of blockchain, this one’s for you.

3. Stanford University

Stanford University USA is offering Bitcoin Engineering, a unique course that informs students about how to create their own Bitcoin enabled applications. A prerequisite knowhow of computers such as programming etc. needs to be known by student as the course is complex and offers a great introduction to the concept.

4. Cornell University

Emin Gun Sirer, a professional in the blockchain industry for years, will be teaching a course at this renowned computer centric university in the US. Considering the university’s back ground it is well worth it to attend a blockchain course here.


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